Humane Society Of Yuma

Volunteer FAQ

What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer?

For the safety of our volunteers and animals, we do require all volunteers to be  12 years old, without exception. All 12 - 15-year-olds must have a parent/guardian with them at all times while volunteering. At the age of 16, you may volunteer on your own with parental consent. You must be 18 years of age to volunteer at our Petsmart and Thrift store location.

What is the process to become an HSOY Volunteer?

There are five steps you need to complete to become an HSOY volunteer. Click Here to get started.

What are the requirements to be an HSOY Volunteer?

Be committed to the mission and values of the Humane Society of Yuma.
Commit to volunteering for a minimum 3-month period of at least 2 hours per week. *Due to the lack of resources and the amount of training we put into our volunteers, we do not accept short-term volunteers. 

Does the Humane Society of Yuma offer group volunteering?

Yes, we can offer group volunteering. If interested, please contact the Volunteer Department.

What volunteer opportunities does HSOY offer?

Dog Walking
Cat Cuddle
Weekend Cleaning 
PetSmart Drivers
Greeter/Front Desk

Scheduling/ Reminder Calls
Rabies Clinic (traffic control)
Vet Tech Aid – sterilizing packs/cleaning Kennel Aid
Thrift Store
Rescue Transport
Rescue Morning load animals

Glamour Photos
4Paws Pantry
Event Committees
Event Setups/Breakdowns
Admin Duties
Foster Pets
Handyman Repairs

I just want to walk dogs, why does that require training?

Shelter animals are different than your animals at home. We want to make sure the animals consistently receive a high-quality level of care and stay as healthy as possible. To do this, we need to educate our volunteers about safety procedures and protocols that are currently in place to limit the transfer of disease within our shelters. We also want to educate our volunteers on how to correctly interact with our shelter animals in order to reduce stress on the animals.

Do you accept community service hours?

No, we do not offer community service hours mandated by the court. Through our regular volunteer program, we are unable to sign off on community service hours.

Can I bring my own pet with me while volunteering?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow volunteers to bring their own pets to the shelter while volunteering. We want to keep the spread of disease as low as possible. And even though your animal may be very well trained, we do not know the history of the animals in the shelter. They could be very frightened by other animals or be aggressive, so we take the most precautions that we can.

I am not old enough to volunteer yet, is there any way I can help HSOY?

Absolutely, there are many ways you can help the animals at HSOY!
  • Host a supply drive or fundraiser
  • Create animal enrichment items (dog and cat toys)