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Lost Cats at the Shelter

Thank you for viewing our lost pets page. The animals located on this page are currently separated from their owners and are not available for adoption.

If you are missing your pet and believe he or she is listed on this page, please visit the shelter in person to positively identify your animal. Please bring a current photo of your pet with you to the shelter, along with a proof of ownership.

If you do not see your lost pet on this page, please check back frequently. Due to the large number animals we receive on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee that this page includes all lost animals currently in our building. It is important to visit the shelter in person to complete a lost report and personally look for your pet.

If your animal is at the Humane Society of Yuma, he or she will be held for 3 business days if they do not have a license, and 5 to 6 business days if they have a license depending on where they were picked up (City or County). After the holding period, your pet will become the property of the Humane Society of Yuma and may be adopted, sent to rescue, or possibly euthanized. Please retrieve your lost pet as soon as possible to minimize impound fees and the stress on your pet.



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