Humane Society Of Yuma


The Humane Society of Yuma is an open admissions shelter and will not deny admission of any animal that needs our services; to include owner surrendered animals. We promise to support you through this process and will try our best to find a forever home for every animal that comes through our doors. 

Rehoming a pet is not always an easy decision and it can be stressful for the owner and the animal. If you are struggling to find a new home for your pet with your immediate network, the Humane Society of Yuma wants to help. We have partnered with Home-to-Home to give you, the pet owner, a good option to rehome your pet without having to bring the animal to the shelter. 


Pet avoids the shelter. Saves space and resources for other animals.
YOU decide who will take ownership of your pet.
Fees are donated to the Humane Society of Yuma.

Click Here to visit Home-To-Home

When rehoming your pet, we highly recommend you and the new owner fill out a Pet Owner Transfer document. Click here to learn more.