Humane Society Of Yuma

Foster A Pet

When you foster a pet through the Humane Society of Yuma, you save the life of a pet in need of a little extra TLC.
Foster care is administered by volunteers who open their homes to a shelter pet in order to provide temporary care. These pets need a greater amount of individualized care than the shelter staff can otherwise provide.
These pets include:
  • Very young kittens and puppies either orphaned or with their nursing mother
  • Pets who are recovering from surgery or a medical condition
  • Pets who need a little bit more socialization and/or training before going onto the adoption floor
Fostering can be a rewarding experience but it also represents an extraordinary commitment of time and can be very emotionally taxing.
If you believe you are up to the challenge, read the Foster Care FAQ and fill out the application below. Our foster coordinator will reach out to you to schedule a foster orientation.

Foster Care FAQ:

Who can foster?

Anyone over 18 years old. If you rent you must have landlord permission to have pets on the property, even if only for a short time.

Can I pick my foster animals?

Normally no, but there can be exceptions.

What can I foster?

Very young puppies or kittens who usually need to be bottle fed every few hours.
Young puppies or kittens that are eating on their own but need TLC.
Momma's and nursing babies.
Sick animals of any age.
Animals with socialization issues.
Animals that have been at the shelter too long.
Animals waiting for a ride to rescue.

What do I need? 

Place to keep foster animals away from owned pets if necessary.
Ability to properly care for, train, and socialize foster animals
Fenced yard (large dogs).
Financial ability to cover daily care cost (toys, litter, carriers etc.).
Ability to dedicate anywhere between ten days to three months to animals in your care.
Some basic animal knowledge.
Understanding of HSOY policies and ability to follow them.
Any owned animals must be spayed/ neutered and vaccines current (proof required).
Be able to properly care for and keep foster animals clean and healthy.
Ability to let fostered animals go to a forever home when the time comes
The Humane Society of Yuma will provide medical care for all foster animals.

If you have more questions, please contact the foster coordinator by email at


They have arrived and we need supplies! Kitten Season is here!

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As the warmer months arrive, unaltered (not spayed) female cats go into heat. If impregnated a female cat gives birth to a litter of kittens only 63 days later. As the influx comes in, the shelter must have enough resources to care for all them!
One of the easiest ways to prepare for "Kitten Season" is to ensure that commonly needed supplies are available immediately. To prepare for the inevitable, we are taking precautions so we are a step ahead! We need your help!