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Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic

The Humane Society of Yuma offers several opportunities to vaccinate your dog from rabies and other canine diseases. In addition to vaccinations, and microchipping, pet i.d. tags are also available.
All locations, times, and services are subject to change.
If you do not bring proof of current rabies vaccination, we can only administer the one-year booster shot. If your dog is currently vaccinated, he/she will receive a three-year vaccination.
Vaccine clinics are by appointment only!
All appointments for vaccine and spay/neuter will require a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your clinic fees.
Hours vary, please call (928) 247-9115 for more information.
(Please Note: For vaccine clinics, appointments are necessary.)

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4050 S. Ave 4 1/2 E
YUMA, AZ 85365




The rabies virus can infect virtually all warm-blooded animals. Although roughly 90 percent of rabies cases reported occur in wildlife, it can occur in domestic pets as well. The outcome of an untreated rabies infection, for people and animals, is invariably fatal.


Da2PPcvk protects your dog from distemper, adeno virus, parinfluenza, parvo, and the corona virus
Canine distemper virus is the greatest single disease threat to the world's dog population. Younger dogs and puppies are the most susceptible to infection. Among puppies, the survival rate is a dismal 20%. The disease also strikes older dogs, although much less frequently.
Parvo infection is a highly contagious virus that has been diagnosed wherever dogs congregate, including dog shows, obedience trials, kennels, pet shops, parks, and playgrounds. The source of the infection is fecal waste from infected dogs. The virus is resistant to extremes in environmental conditions and can survive for long periods. Rabies is a viral disease found throughout most of the world.


Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough, is a respiratory disease caused by a multitude of microorganisms. Bordetella is transmitted through the air, by direct contact, and even on surfaces. Anywhere that more than one dog congregates is likely to have Bordetella: dog parks, veterinary clinics, and more. Protecting your dog is as simple is vaccinating them against this highly contagious, highly prevalent respiratory disease.



The Humane Society of Yuma offers microchipping. Over 3.1 million pets around the world are enjoying the protection that our microchip and lost pet recovery service bring. Thanks to a comprehensive, accurate and constantly refreshed database, we are able to reunite pets and owners faster than ever. Visit our Microchipping FAQ to learn more about the importance of microchipping. 


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